What is included in the offer given by each agency?
Each country agent will specify what is included in the offer. This depends on each country’s local laws and legislation.
How long does it take to register my company?
It depends in which country the registration process takes place and how many founders you will have in this company. In most cases when all paper work is ready it takes 2-7 working days. An accelerated process is possible by paying 3 times the State service fee.
Can a foreigner start a business anywhere in Europe?
Foreign investors who want to establish a company in Europe can incorporate a business, following the procedure applicable under the local legislation according to the country where wish to start your business.
What legal entities are available in each country?
It depends on the country legislation where you want to start your business. Below are some of the commercial legislation applicable that prescribed several legal entities which are available for foreign investors: • Limited availability company (LTD) • Joint stock company • Stock corporation • Sole proprietorship • Commercial partnership
What documents do I need to prepare for opening a company?
The documents that are needed depend on each country legislation. Most common are: • The identification papers of the company owners if they are natural person or company documents • Foreign company’s statutory documents must be translated in the language of the country concerned and notarized • Company’s Articles of Association must also be drafted and notarized • Information about company director • Legal address of the company in the city, country it will operate Our agent in each country will be in contact with the list of documents needed specifically for your request.
Does my company require a VAT number?
This again depends on the country you are registering your company. Depending on what kind of business you are opening and what the revenue will be.
Can we use virtual office address once company is opened?
Virtual office can be used in the first stage of the company registration. Later you will need solid address where to receive official notices.
What is the minimum share capital to open a company?
Under the current Company Laws, the minimum share capital in most countries for a private company is 1 euro, while for the public company it is established at 37,000 euros. This will be specified from our agencies.
Does the company need a bank account in startup country?
Yes, if you want to open a company, you will also be required to set up a bank account here. Our agents can help you in this regard considering it can take up to one month.
Do I need to be in the country during the process if I want to register a company?
In most cases you do not need to be in the startup country during the registration procedure. Our agents can handle the incorporation procedures on behalf of clients all over the world.
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